Get a PDF of any trigger data using Google Drive#

If you have data that comes into one app that you'd like to send to another app as a PDF, you can do so with a Multi-step Zap that takes advantage of Google Drive. In our example, we're going to use Gmail and Dropbox, but you could use any trigger and any action that can take a file like a PDF.

Part 1: Trigger data to Google Drive Create File from Text Action#

In the first part of the Zap, we need to send the data to Google Drive as a text file, so i'll choose "Create File from Text" as my action.

Choose "Create File from Text Action

When mapping the trigger data to the action template, I put whatever text I want in my zap under 'File Content', in this case I have the date of the email and then the email's message two lines below. You also must choose Yes for 'Convert to Document'.

Set up the Create File from Text action

What this first part does is create a document in Google Drive. When we pull that document from Google Drive, we are able to get different versions of it including a PDF version.

Part 2: Send the PDF over to the next Action#

The second part of the Zap explains how we get the PDF version of the file for upload onto our Action app.

When mapping trigger data to the action template, use the "File Pdf" field to send the new file to the action.

Note: The new file created will have a name with two file extensions, e.g. "ZapTest.txt.pdf". If that will be a problem, consider using the fields in the action template to rename it to something more acceptable, if possible.

Setup the Dropbox action to receive the PDF file output

In this specific Zap, once the steps are set up, every time that an email triggers the Zap, the end result will be a PDF saved on Dropbox.

Converted PDF example