Understanding Email on Zapier#

Email is an extremely powerful and flexible tool on Zapier. There are a lot of apps Zapier supports to send and receive email and the choices can overwhelming. Here is a high level rundown of your choices.

Sending Email (Action)

Sending Email

Sending choices can be grouped into two categories. Low volume and high volume. Low volume is for things like notifications and personal use. High volume is for email marketing, drip-campaigns, bulk reminders, and similar use cases. Generally if you want to send HTML emails you'll need to use one of the high volume options.

For low volume sending, you can use Gmail or the in-house free Email app.

For high volume sending, you can use Mandrill, Mailgun, Sendgrid, and others.

Receiving Email (Trigger)

Receiving Email

For receiving email, there are two main options, Gmail and the in-house Email app. "Email" is considerably more robust but is a little more difficult to set up.

Gmail will attempt to read emails directly out of your inbox/label and is the easiest to set up.

Email gives you a special @zapiermail.com email address to forward to. Any email sent to the address will trigger associated Zaps.

The rest of the help documentation in the "Email" category refers to the free in-house email app provided by Zapier.


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