Translating Errors#

Numeric Error Codes#

  • 500 series errors (501, 502, etc) - This class of error can typically mean one of two things.

First, the app has had a temporary outage.

  • If the 500 error was on your Trigger app, no further action is needed. Your Zap will run again the next time we can successfully poll.
  • If the 500 error was on your Action app, you can go to your Task History and replay the failed Task.

Second, the app is rejecting your authorization credentials. If this is the case, please reconnect the account to check if that fixes the problem.

  • 400 series errors (400, 401, etc.) - This class of errors typically reflect the app received a request that was malformed or credentials it didn’t expect. Misspecified URLs and invalid authorization credentials in a Zap are a common cause of this error. Please try reconnecting the account to check if that fixes the problem. Also, please double check any hard-coded URLs in the Zap to make sure they’re not missing a character, for example.

Other Errors#

  • "Missing", "Empty", "Not Found" errors - These errors indicate that the action your Zap wanted to take did not have all the data needed. The most common cause of those errors is that a required field is empty. It could also mean a drop down you had previously selected in your Zap no longer exists. Check your Zap to make sure all the data is up to date.

  • "Unauthorized", "Could not Connect" errors - These errors likely mean we cannot connect to your account with the provided information. We suggest reconnecting that account to see if that fixes the problem.

  • "Timeout" errors - If you see the word timeout in your error message, it means the request took too long and ran out of time. This could happen if the connected app is running into trouble and it might fix itself. If it doesn’t it might be that the data you are trying to pass is too big to handle. Check your Zap and Task History to see if you are trying to pass a particularly large file or a lot of data.

Seeing another type of error message not listed here? Try searching for the name of the app you're running into issues with and check out the associated "Common Problems" article.

Can't find the error message?#

If you require further assistance, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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