Fix "Problem updating node" errors in Zaps

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"Problem updating node" usually happens if you have security software like an anti-virus program or a pop-up blocker in your browser that is blocking the connection from your Zap to one of our servers.

The source of the problem could be one of many things, and it's nothing we can "see" from here. How we usually recommend that you narrow this down is to try the following:

1. Try another browser

First try another web browser, particularly something that isn't using any plugins / extensions. If it works on another browser, the chances are there are plugins / extensions installed on your regular browser causing troubles. From here, try turning off each plugin / extension one by one to eliminate the one that is causing troubles.

If it's the case that you can't turn any of them off, you may need to use Zapier in an alternative browser which doesn't have any additional plugins / extensions.

2. Trying switching computers

This may not be possible, but if you do have access to another device, try seeing if the same actions are happening on your new device.

3. Check your corporate network connection

If you've tried step 1 & 2 and still not having any luck, the problem may be caused by your corporate network. As these can filter your connections to certain websites. Trying from another location might help. Or asking your IT department if can allow visits to

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