Fix "Not authenticated" or "Unauthorized" errors in Zaps

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Sometimes during the course of setting up your Zap, or afterwards, while it’s running, you might get an error that includes words such as “Unauthorized” or “Not authenticated”.

When you get one of these errors, it could mean that the account you’re connecting doesn’t have permission to access the data you’re trying to access, or that something else went wrong during the setup process. These are a couple things you can try to fix this error.


These are one of several kinds of errors that can pop up. You can view a complete reference of error codes here.

1. Make sure you have the right account type in your connected app

Some apps will only allow you to connect to third parties like Zapier if you have the right account type. For instance, they might limit your access to Zapier for certain pricing plans. You can check to see if your app has limitations like this by going to the help docs for the app you’re getting an error from and seeing if it specifies that you need a certain type of account to use Zapier.

2. Make sure your account has the right permissions

Sometimes the issue is that connecting your account to Zapier requires having certain permissions or privileges, such as being an administrator. It could also be an issue of the data that you’re trying to connect to being shared with the specific account you’re using.


If you’re trying to build a Zap that adds new rows to a Google Sheet, the Sheet will need to be shared with the account you’re using and you will need to have the ability to edit the sheet.

3. Reconnect your app account

If there aren’t any limitations on account type or permissions, another thing you can do is reconnect your app.

  • Open the Connect Account menu
  • Select Add a New Account
  • Follow the instructions to enter your login information again

In this example, we're adding a new Google Sheets account.

Or you can go to your connected accounts page. Find the connection that’s having issues, and click Reconnect to enter your login information.

Reconnecting our Google Docs account from the Connected Accounts page.

Both of these actions can help refresh the connection to remove this error.

If you’re still having this issue, try following this guide for reconnecting your account. If the issue persists, contact support.

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