Zap dates or times are incorrect

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Depending on the Apps you're working with, sometimes it may be the case that your Zap isn't sending on the date information correctly as expected. Here are a few troubleshooting tips that you can try to fix this.

1. Check your timezone settings

If your timezone isn't set for your Zapier account, then you may see dates created by your Zaps that are off by a consistent number of hours.

To do this, go to your profile settings. Click the Timezone dropdown menu and select your timezone, then click Save changes.

Next, check the timezone settings for the apps you're using in your Zap.

2. Check the format of the dates

If the dates are not off by a consistent number of hours, then this might be an issue with mismatched date formats. If you are typing in your date in a field, make sure that it follows the format you want (for example, MM/DD/YYYY, rather than DD/MM/YYY). You can learn more about date formats here.

If you’re not typing the date by hand but instead using a date from a previous step, you may need to add a Formatter step to reformat the date. Learn how to reformat dates here.


In this example, we’re trying to create an event in Google Calendar on December 25, 2018, so we use the format MM/DD/YYYY, which is required by Google Calendar.

3. Try adjusting your dates

Sometimes you might just want to adjust your date or time by a consistent interval, for instance always seven days ahead of the original date, or an hour before the original time. Check out this guide to learn how to use date/time modifiers.

If you’re still having this issues, you can read more about date formats here, or you can contact support.

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