Dropdown menu in Zap field is empty or missing items

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In Zap fields, dropdown menus are used to select and use possible values. Learn how to troubleshoot why your dropdown menu is empty or missing items.

In this example, we’re looking for a list in Trello called “Example List” that isn't appearing in the dropdown menu in the corresponding Zap field.

1. Check if your app account is connected

  • In the Zap editor, click to expand the step with missing dropdown menu items.
  • Click to expand the Choose Account section.
  • Click the dropdown menu and verify that you’re using the right app account.

A list of accounts that are marked as working

If your account isn’t connected, you’ll be able to reconnect it here.

2. Reload the dropdown menu items

  • In the Zap editor, click to expand the step with missing dropdown menu options.
  • Click to expand the Customize section.
  • Click the dropdown menu with the missing options, then scroll to the bottom of the list and click Check [app] & reload to bring in new choices.

This will force Zapier to check your app and reload the most recent data. In our Trello example, clicking Check Trello & reload to bring in new choices will reload all the available list options in our board.

The option we're looking for isn't in this list, so we reload choices.

This can fix a few root problems, such as:

  • The dropdown menu is dependent on the value of a previous dropdown menu.
  • Your app has a lot of items and Zapier needs to load the data as pages.
  • You created a new item in your app after setting up this step.

3. Check that the item exists

If the missing item still isn't showing up after you’ve reloaded the dropdown menu items, confirm in your connected app that the specific item actually exists, and make sure that it exists in the account that you’ve connected to Zapier.


In the example of our Trello board, we’ll check that we’re using the right Trello account, and also that the list “Ideas” actually exists on the board called “Personal”.

4. Use a custom value

If there are too many items in your dropdown menu that they're not all loading at once—or causing an error—you can also use a custom value to input the ID of your item directly. Learn how to add custom values to dropdown menu fields in Zaps.


Custom values are only a way to link to an item that already exists in your app. They are not a way to use an item that doesn’t exist in your app.


If you want to select a different item depending on a value from a previous step, you can use custom values to link to it instead.

If your dropdown menu is still empty or missing items after taking these troubleshooting steps, try reconnecting your app account. If the issue persists, contact Zapier support.

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