Task History#

Your Task History is where you can see all the activity from your Zaps. It's a log of everything that Zapier tried to automate your behalf. You can see all the data we get in and send out, so it's a great place to troubleshoot if something's not working as you'd expect.

How to find your Task History#

You can find your Task History from the drop down in your account like this

Task History

Or by directly going to this page: You can view your Task History on your account here: https://zapier.com/app/history

Filtering your results#

To help you track down a specific Task a little faster, you have a few ways to filter your task history results.

Filter bar

You can filter by results for just one specific Zap, the error status of the task that happened and also you can specify a date range in which the task will have run.

Specify a date range

If you are looking for something more specific than that, there is also a search you can use to filter by a keyword or phrase that will have been the data for that task.

Search Tasks

You can also combine more than one (or all) of those filters to narrow down your results even further.

Task History Statuses#

Each Task may have one of several statuses:

  • Success: This Task was successful.
  • Error: This Task ran into some error running, click it for more details. If a Zap hits too many errors in a row it will be automatically paused.
  • Filtered: This Task was stopped because your Zap filters prevented it from continuing.
  • Halted: This Task was stopped on purpose by Zapier. Unlike errors, many halted Tasks will not automatically pause your Zap. For example, MailChimp rejects duplicate email subscribers to an email list. Instead of logging this as an error, Zapier will mark it halted.
  • Scheduled: Used by the Autoreplay feature for replaying later.
  • Pending: Sometimes Zapier needs extra time to perform a Task. It will be marked pending if this is the case.
  • Delayed: Used by the Delay by Zapier actions waiting to run.

In your Task History you can filter to a specific Zap's activity using the dropdown at the top. You can also filter on specific statuses.

Your Task History will not show activity if your Zap checks for new data and does not find any. If it gets an error while checking for data, that will be reflected along with any Successful, Filtered, or Errors for tasks that your Zap attempts.

Your Task History will only store 3 months rolling data of your tasks. If you need to keep longer term records, we recommend regularly exporting your task history as a back up.

Exporting Task History#

For users on a paid plan, you have the option of exporting your Task History to CSV using the CSV icon at the upper right of the page.

Replaying Tasks#

There are a two ways you can replay tasks: manually and automatically.

Manual task replay: available to all paid users, replay or fix non-successful Tasks that ran. Details here.

Autoreplay: available to Professional Plan or higher users, automatically retry Zaps which encounter an error. Details here.

Data in / Data out#

In your Task History you'll notice that each step for a task has a "Data In" and "Data Out" tab.

Trigger data#

On your Trigger, "Data In" is data we Sent initially to your Trigger Zap. In the example below, here's the info we Sent to an RSS feed with the "Data In" tab:

On the "Data Out" tab, you'll then see all the data that we received on to us from your trigger app. In the example below, here's the info we received from an RSS feed via the "Data Out" tab:

Action data#

On Action and Search Action steps, "Data In" is the data we sent to your Action app. In the example below, you can see the data we sent to Twitter:

On the "Data Out" tab, you'll see any data we received back from your app. Some apps return a copy of what was added, but not all apps or actions will have any data to send back to us here. So it's not unusal for "Data Out" on an action to be blank. In the Twitter example from before, you cannot select "Data Out" since Twitter has nothing to return to us.

Missing data#

If you ever notice that some of your data in your Task History results is in curly brackets like this {{ - it means that we didn't get anything sent on for that field from your trigger.

In this example here, it looks like we're missing a "Message Text" field:

The best thing to do is check out the "Data Out" tab on your Trigger step, that will show you all the data we got sent on from the trigger Zap. In this example, it looks like there was no "message text" sent on from Slack. So we'll likely want to re-map the Zap template and choose the "text" field instead.

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