Problems with Zaps#


Common Trouble Spots#

Common Problems
Most zap problems fit into these categories, check them out first

A required field is empty
Getting errors that a field is empty? Here's some options to help avoid that issue.

Filters aren't working as intended
Are your filters filtering too many items or not enough? Check here for common issues on that front.

Sample data won't load
This link covers the common causes for no sample data loading and how to fix that problem.

Avoiding Zap Loops
If you have zaps going from A->B and B->A with the same triggers/actions, you can create a loop. Inside there's steps to mitigate that risk.

Working with Files
Working with files like attachments, or moving between Dropbox, Google Drive, etc? This link has more details.

Dates/Times are not correct
Time coming through off by X hours or days in your zap? Check here for troubleshooting steps.

SSL Certificate Errors
Some apps have unique policies around SSL, we provide options to help in those rare instances.

Misc. Troubleshooting#

Can I retry when my zaps fail?
Paid users can use the Replay button in your task history to try sending failed data through again.

Flood Protection
When your zap tries to attempt a lot of tasks at once, we hold them and email you to make sure it's not a mistake.

Problem with a specific app?
Many apps have specific quirks or errors with quick explanations or fixes. Check the docs for the app(s) you're using to see if that's the root of your problem!

We have some throttling mechanisms on Free plans when too many tasks are attempted at once.