Premium Features#

Our team is constantly adding features to help you be more productive. We’ve included premium features in Zapier’s paid plans so you can do more with advanced features such as Multi-Step Zaps, Premium Apps, shorter syncing intervals, and Autoreply.

Multi-Step Zaps#

Have you ever dreamed of multitasking with precise accuracy and instantly increase productivity? Multi-Step Zaps do that for you in the background so you can focus on what’s important without interruption.

Multi-Step Zaps are comprised of one trigger and multiple action steps. You can perform multiple actions in different apps from a single trigger in your Zap. It also means all the apps you use in a workflow can talk to each other and share information. For example, if you have a website form, you can trigger a Zap whenever someone completes the form to record the entry in Google Sheets, then send an email through MailChimp, and also send yourself an SMS notification.

Multi-step Zaps also gives you the option to use Zapier’s powerful built-in apps, such as Filter or Delay to tell Zaps when to perform an action. Some of Zapier’s popular built-in apps include:

  • Filters to let you choose if and when your Zaps should run.
  • Formatter can modify numbers, dates, and text in over a dozen ways to format your data in the way you need.
  • Digest can aggregate content for you and send it on to one handy place.
  • Delay lets you tell actions to wait and complete on the date and time you choose.
  • And more! See the full list of built-in apps you can use.

Syncing Interval#

A Zap’s syncing interval is the frequency that your Zaps will check the triggering app for new data. When you upgrade to a Professional plan or higher, your Zaps will check for new data and run every five minutes instead of every fifteen minutes as is with our free and Starter plan. This means Zaps run more frequently to keep your data up to date. For example, if you use Zapier to trigger emails to customers, the emails will be sent within five minutes instead of fifteen minutes.

Note: Zaps with a trigger labeled as “instant” will always be immediate—regardless of plan—because the triggering app pushes the data to Zapier right away instead of requiring us to check for changes.

Premium Apps#

Get access to Premium Apps on Zapier's paid plans. These integrations are exclusively available to users on a paid plan. If you are not on a paid plan, these premium apps will be available during your free trial but will require a paid plan in order to continue using after your free trial expires.
See our full list of premium apps.


Autoreplay is like insurance for your workflows. When an app used in a Zap experiences downtime or is unable to run, Autoreplay will store your data and automatically try to replay your workflow.

Autoreplay is smart enough to try running the workflow right away and then a few more times if there is still an issue. Whether the cause of the error was just a minor blip or a 5-hour outage, Zapier will still be able to replay the task as soon as the error is resolved. If an error persists, Zapier will send you a notification and store your data securely. All paid plans can also manually replay tasks.

Read more about Autoreplay.

Navigate to the task history page and click the large switch next to the Autoreplay label.

Note: Autoreplay is only available for Professional plans and higher.