Multiple User Options - Team Accounts#

Zapier for Teams#

Zapier for Teams lets you create teams, invite your teammates, and cover the costs of everyone's usage on a single invoice. Your team can leverage the full power of automation and not worry about shared logins or hassles with multiple employee invoices.

With Zapier for Teams you can:

  • Create a team and invite as many members as you like—there is no cost for adding teammates.
  • Use shared billing to pool together all of your team’s usage on a single invoice.
  • Give each member of your team Zapier's premium features, including Multi-Step Zaps, Premium Apps, Autoreplay, and Zaps that run every 5-minutes.
  • Easily track the team's usage of Zaps and tasks.
  • Automate everything with no limit to the number of Zaps you can create.
  • Easily transfer existing Zaps from your personal account to your team account.

To get started with Zapier for Teams, create a team.

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