Manual Task Replay#

All users on a paid plan can manually retry any failed or filtered tasks using the Replay Task button. You can click the button either from a specific task's details page or from your Task History.

Replaying from the page of a specific task#

When viewing a specific task history item, click Replay Task on the top left side to replay that task.

Replaying from your Task History#

You can also replay tasks from your Task History:

How it works#

Manual replay is available for Tasks with the status of error, filtered, and halted. The button is shown in the screenshot above.

Clicking the "replay" button will do the following:

  1. Starting with the given trigger input, walk through every task step

  2. If a step was not successful, it will be replayed.

  3. The UI will refresh to show the new task status.

Note: Manual Replay respects your current Zap configuration, not what the Zap looked like when it first ran. This is useful because you can first fix or make changes to your Zap, then replay tasks with those changes in effect.


Note: if your Zap changes too much (adding steps, removing steps, changing apps) you will receive an error when replaying: your Zap has diverged too much.


Note: the outcome of the replay may be the same as before (ie. an error'd task hits another error). If that happens, you can make more changes to the Zap and replay it again (as long as the changes aren’t too significant).

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