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Whenever your Zap successfully automates something, it's called a task. Trigger steps do not count as tasks, but successful action steps do. A single Zap can automate one or more tasks, depending on how many action steps it has. You can see all the tasks your Zaps have attempted in Task History.


If you have a Zap set up to send you a text message every time someone completes a transaction in your online store, that text message counts as a task. If you want to send a text message and also add a row to a spreadsheet, the text message and the spreadsheet row both count as tasks.

What counts as a task

The following count as tasks when your Zap runs:

  • Any successful action step
  • Any filter step that passes
  • Any time a path's rules pass

The following do not count as tasks:

  • Trigger steps
  • Filter steps that do not pass
  • Any step that hits an error
  • Any path group that did not run because the path's rules were not met
  • Any step that does not run, either because a previous filter didn't pass or because the Zap hit an earlier error

Task limits and pricing

Each plan comes with different limits on how many tasks you can complete in a given billing period. To learn more about these limits, refer to Zapier's pricing page. Zapier sends out notifications when you reach 80% of your task limit, and then again when you reach your full task limit. At that point, Zapier will pause all your Zaps.

Monitor task usage

Your task limit is based on your billing cycle. In your billing and usage settings, you can see how many tasks your Zaps have used in your current billing cycle, and how many days you have left until your task limit refreshes.

You can view all the tasks that your Zaps have attempted in your Task History.

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