Organize your Zaps in folders

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On the Zaps page, the left sidebar shows all your Zap folders. Folders are a great way to keep your Zaps organized.

Private and shared folders

Private folders are visible only to you, so only you can see the Zaps in them. If you have a Zapier for Teams account, you can share folders with your team to collaborate on Zaps.

1. Create new folders

To create a new folder, click the + icon next to Private Folders or Shared Folders and enter a name. Learn more about creating shared folders.

2. Move Zaps to folders

To move an existing Zap to one of your folders:

  • On the right of the Zap, click the down arrow.
  • In the dropdown menu, select Move to Folder.
  • Select the folder to move the Zap to.

Move to folder

3. Manage your folders

To manage and take several actions on an individual folder, hover over a folder and click the gear icon that appears. A dropdown menu will appear with the following options:

  • Rename: rename the folder.
  • Share With: change the folder sharing options. Learn more about sharing an existing private folder.
  • Export: export all the Zaps in the folder.
  • Delete: delete the folder. When you delete a folder with Zaps, the Zaps will be moved back to your Home folder and will not be deleted.

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