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You can see and manage all the activity in your Zaps and Transfers in Zap History. Zap History is a log of everything that Zapier has tried to automate on your behalf, including all the data that goes in and out of each step of your Zaps and Transfers. This is helpful when you need to troubleshoot. Learn more about Zap history.

In Zap History, Transfers differ from Zaps in the following ways:

1. Filtering Zap history by Transfer

When filtering Zap history, Transfers have a two way arrow icon . Zaps have a lightning bolt icon .

Transfers showing two way arrow icon, Zaps showing lightning bolt icon

2. Transfer in the task usage tab

In the task usage tab, Transfers have a “Transfer” label. Zaps have no label.

Task usage tab show Transfers with “Transfer” label and Zaps with no label

3. Transfer in the Zap runs tab

In the Zap runs tab, Transfer runs have a “Transfer” label. Zaps have no label.

Zap runs tab show Transfer with “Transfer” label and Zaps with no label

4. Reviewing individual Transfer runs

Individual Transfer runs have a “Transfer” label. Zaps have no label. You can return to edit the Transfer by clicking the edit this Transfer link.

Individual Transfer run with “Transfer” label and “edit this Transfer” link

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