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Zapier can only guarantee a maximum of one month of Zap run data in your Zap history.


However, Zapier can only display a month rolling data or the last 10,000 Zap runs from the past 3 months—whichever comes first— for your account as a whole, and for each Zap.

You can export up to 5,000 Zap runs at a time. You can even export a different subset of Zap runs by filtering by Zap or date.


For example, if all your Zaps have run 20,000 times, you can’t export all those Zap runs at once. However, if you filter for a single Zap that has run 4,000 times, you can export all those Zap runs at one go.

To keep longer-term records of your Zap run data, you can export your Zap history as a backup on a regular basis.

1. Export your Zap runs


If you want to export only certain Zap runs, you can use the dropdown menus to filter your Zap history by status, Zap, and date range.

  • Click Download 5,000.
  • In the modal, click Generate & email CSV.

A CSV file of your Zap runs will be sent to your Zapier account’s email address. This may take a few minutes.

2. Download the Zap history export file

  • Go to the email inbox associated with your Zapier account.
  • Open the email with the subject Your Zapier account data is ready to download.
  • In the email, click Download your account data.
  • Your CSV file will download automatically.

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