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When you add an account to Zapier for an app or tool you use, such as Typeform, you create an app connection. This allows you to use the app account in your Zaps. By default, these connections are private, so only you will be able to use the app account in Zaps.

Sharing an app connection makes it available to everyone with who it's shared. This allows them to create Zaps with the app account without needing your login credentials to that app.


App connections can only be shared in Team or Company accounts. In Team accounts, you can share app connections with specific users in the account, or with everyone. In Company accounts, you can share app connections with individual users, teams, and all users in the account.

Share an app connection

To share an app connection:

When you share an app connection, all users who have received access will be able to:

  • View information sent through the app in Zap History or when using app data to test a Zap.
  • Use the shared app connection in their own Zaps—both private and shared—to access or update information.
  • Edit steps in a team's Zap that uses the shared app connection.

Zap steps that use a private connection can only be edited by the connection owner. Others will see the fields as non-editable. To gain access to edit the step, you can ask the connection owner to share the app connection with you or a team you’re part of.

For example, sharing your connection to an email account will let shared connection users read emails in that account that trigger Zaps or are used to test Zap triggers, as well as send emails from that account.


It's recommended to only share app connections that you feel comfortable with giving access to everyone on your team. For example, instead of sharing a connection to a private email account, you can share a connection to a shared email account (e.g., zapier@yourcompany.com) that everyone on your team has access to.

Transfer an app connection

To transfer an app connection:

  • Go to My Apps.
  • Click the app with the account connection that you want to share with your team.
  • In My connections, find the app account connection to share and click the three dots icon icon to display the account settings.
  • Select Transfer ownership.
  • Enter the email address of the user you want to transfer ownership of the account to and click Transfer ownership.

When an app connection is transferred, the email address linked to the connection remains the same, only the owner of the connection changes.

Stop sharing an app connection

To stop sharing an app connection:

  • Go to My Apps.
  • Click the app with the account that you want to stop sharing with your team.
  • In My connections, find the app account to stop sharing and click the sharing icon.

If you shared the app connection with everyone:

  • Click the Share with everyone checkbox.
  • Click Done.

If you shared the app connection with specific users or teams:

  • Click the three dots icon next to the name of the user or team.
  • Click Remove. Repeat these steps for any other users or teams.
  • Click Done.

When you stop sharing an app connection, your team members will not be able to:

  • Use the app connection in their private Zaps.
  • Use the app connection in Zaps shared with the team.
  • Edit steps in Zaps shared with them that use the app connection.

Any existing Zaps that were using your shared app connection will keep using it. While steps in these Zaps can only be edited by you, information from your app account will still be visible to team members in these Zaps. To completely remove access to your private app connection, you must go to each Zap that uses this app connection and update the Zap to use a different one.

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