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After you connect your app accounts to Zapier, you can manage these app connections in your Zapier account. In left sidebar menu, go to My Apps.

My Apps


If you’re a member of a Zapier for Teams account, you can share connected app accounts with your team.

1. Rename your app accounts

If you have multiple app accounts connected to Zapier, you can rename them to easily identify each of them in your account. On the left of an app account name, click the pencil icon and edit the name. Your changes will be saved automatically.

2. Test your app accounts

To test if the connection between an app account and Zapier is still active, go to My Apps and click Test next to the connection.

  • Success: your connection is successful and no further action is required.
  • Not Working: further action is required. Click See Details to view the error details, and click Reconnect to fix the connection.

3. Disconnect your app accounts

  • Go to My Apps. Here, you'll see all the app accounts currently connected to your Zapier account.
  • Click Disconnect to remove a connected app account, then click Really? to confirm.

4. Reconnect your app accounts

The connections between an app and Zapier will expire after a given time, such as after a year. To reconnect an app account:

  • Go to My Apps.
  • In the Reconnect Needed section, click Reconnect to reconnect a disconnected app account.
  • Follow the steps to reconnect the app account.

In this example, our Slack account is disconnected and needs to be reconnected


All app accounts in My Apps have a Reconnect option. You can reconnect an app account at any time.

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