What Triggers and Actions Does Lead Score Support?#

Lead Score by Zapier can enrich your customer data with extra information! Put this Search Action into your workflow and map in an e-mail value, and you'll get back a name, company size, industry, and location, among other useful information!

Supported Searches#

  • Find Person and Company Information - Finds person and company data and qualification based on an email address.

Getting Started with Lead Score by Zapier#

To get started with Lead Score, first add a Trigger to your Zap, and then add the Lead Score search action.

Lead Score takes an email address as an input, and combs the web for extra info about that person. Then, it returns that data to your Zap. Here's an example: Lead Score Data Example

You can take this customer data and use it in following Action steps of your Zap: Lead Score data mapped into a Slack Message step

We've found this to be particularly useful for:

  • Personalizing email profiles in email marketing apps
  • Enriching CRM data
  • Getting more info out of form submissions

Common Problems with Lead Score on Zapier#

Where does the information from Lead Score on Zapier come from?#

Lead Score by Zapier is powered by MadKudu. MadKudu can provide much more detailed information about your leads, though they require a subscription to use their service. You can learn more about MadKudu's service here: https://www.madkudu.com/lead-scoring

What is the "Customer Fit Segment" value and what are its possible choices?#

Lead Score by Zapier labels your leads with segments simple to understand and to act upon. The possible values are:

  • low
  • medium
  • good
  • very good

Leads with a “very good” customer fit are usually seen to convert about 10 times more than leads with a “low” customer fit. This is useful in conjunction with a Filter step to get rid of any low value leads.