How to Get Started With Wufoo#

About the Wufoo Integration#

  • Admin/owner permissions: User needs to be the admin or have view/edit permissions for the form/report they trying to access
  • Paid/versioned account: A paid Wufoo plan is required to integrate with Zapier

Connect with Wufoo#

The first thing you'll need to do is connect your Wufoo Account to Zapier. After you sign up and start creating the Zap you want, Zapier will ask you to start the process:

Connect your Wufoo account to Zapier

You can then give your Account a title or label, which is just for your convenience and helps you track multiple accounts. It doesn't have any affect on which Account you actually add to Zapier. You will also need to enter your Wufoo username and password. Finally, if you have multiple Wufoo subdomains tied to your account you'll need to specify which one you want to use.

Label your Wufoo account

Once your Account has been added and tested you'll see this if everything is good!

Account added and tested

Now you can continue creating your Zap.

Using the "New Entry (webhook)" Trigger#

You may notice the webhook url listed under the selected Account. This is valid if you want to use the "New Entry (webhook)" trigger and allows Zapier to receive form submissions instantly rather than having to poll Wufoo using whatever polling interval your account plan has.

First click on the notifications section of your form

Wufoo Form Notifications

Then on the notifications page locate the box with the text "to Another Application"

to Another Application

Select "Webhook" from the dropdown


Finally, copy and past the url provided under your selected Account on the zap creation page to the Webhook Url on Wufoo.

Webhook added!