Getting a New Service or App on Zapier#

One of the most common feature requests Zapier gets is for new apps to be added. You can see a list of all the supported apps in our App Directory here.

Note that some of the apps listed in our App Directory are not yet supported. These icons indicate an app is currently in development or planned development at some point in the future:

Planned Development

Requirements for Any New App#

These are things you can find out yourself by checking out the app's website and via Google. If the following things are not available, it cannot be added to Zapier right now.

  • The app must have an API
  • The API must be REST or XML-RPC based

If the app you would like added has an API, continue reading below for ways it can be added to Zapier.

There are a few main ways that new apps are added.

Via the App Developers Themselves#

This is the most common way new apps are added to Zapier. The majority of new apps connected to Zapier are built and maintained by the app developers themselves using our Developer Platform.

It's always best to reach out to the app developers themselves to see if they've already started the process of connecting their app to Zapier, or if it's on their roadmap.

Via one of our Zapier Trusted App Developers#

If user demand is strong enough, but the app in question doesn't have the engineering time or resources to devote to connecting their app to Zapier, they can contract with one of our Zapier Trusted App Developers to build a Zapier integration for them. Apps built by Zapier Trusted App Developers are on equal footing with every other app when they are globally activated.

Via the Developer Platform#

Sometimes an app doesn't have any interest in connecting their app to Zapier, unfortunately.

If the app meets the requirements above, the Zapier Developer Platform is free for anyone to use to connect an app to Zapier, and is self-serve from creation to deployment. For simple apps with easy APIs, you might not even have to code anything. While apps connected to Zapier without the official support of the app developer cannot be made public in our App Directory, they can be used internally by you and your teammates.

You can read and learn more about the developer platform here.

Possible Workarounds When An App is Not Yet Supported#

In the following video, we briefly discuss some possible options for when the app you want to use is not yet available on Zapier. There may still be a way to accomplish your workflow!