What Float Triggers and Actions are Supported?#

Supported Triggers#

  • New Person - Triggers when a new person is added.
  • New Task - Triggers when a new task is created.
  • New Department - Triggers when a new department is added.
  • New Time Off - Triggers when a new time off is created.
  • New Client - Triggers when a new client is added.
  • New Project - Triggers when a new project is created.

Supported Actions#

  • Create Project - Creates a new project.
  • Create Time Off - Creates a new time off.
  • Create Person - Creates a new person.
  • Create Task - Creates a new task.
  • Create Department - Creates a new department.
  • Create Client - Creates a new client.

How to Get Started with Float on Zapier#

To get started with Float, first click to add a Float account to Zapier to be used in your Zap.

Float account title in Zapier

Next, you'll be asked for your Float API Key.

Float API Key in Zapier

To find your API Key, you'll first want to log into your Float account and head to your Account Settings.

Float Account Settings menu

On the next screen, under the “App Integration API” section, click the "Get API key".

Float App Integration API section

From the popup copy your API key and paste it into Zapier.

Float account working in Zapier

Once you've entered your API Key and clicked continue, we'll test your account to make sure the connection works. If it does, you're all set!

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Popular Things To Do With Float#

Common Problems with Float on Zapier#

We don't have any common problems documented yet, but feel free to contact us so we can help you personally!

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