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Use Cases with Google Assistant on Zapier

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Here are a few different use cases that you can use with your Google Assistant account.

To start using Zapier via a Google Assistant, first, you'll need to start a conversation with Zapier:

  • Hey Google, talk to Zapier
  • Ok Google, speak to Zapier

Default Capabilities

We’ve configured a few conversational commands to help you get started:

  • Welcome” - simple introductory message.
  • Help” - tells users how to setup Zaps.
  • List Zaps“ - reads off all Zaps that have been setup with Google Assistant as a trigger.
  • Sign in” - prompts user to sign-in. Currently only supported via the Google Assistant app (not via a Google Home/Mini)
  • Thank you” - Says "you're welcome" and ends the conversation.
  • Bye” - Says "bye" and ends the conversation.

Trigger a Zap by Name

Once a conversation with Zapier is started, there are few ways that you can trigger your Zaps:

  • Run ((Zap name))
  • Start ((Zap name))
  • Trigger ((Zap name))

You can also trigger the Zap by setting up a custom phrase without saying “run”, “start”, “trigger”.

In this example of a custom phrase, every time I say “walk the dog” this will trigger my Zap.

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