Tips using VerticalResponse

Last updated:
  • When using VR as an action, like "Creating a Contact" or "Adding a Contact to a List", always map the contact fields using Zapier's suggestions. Make sure to always fill in the email address field.
  • When using the VR action "Adding a Contact to a List", make sure to choose the list to add the contact to. The drop down will show the lists in your VR account, and you will choose the list you want to add these contacts to. If you want to put these contacts into a new list, create one in VR and refresh this page:
  • If using VerticalResponse as a trigger like "New Contact", you can create filters using VerticalResponse's Contact Attributes like first name, last name, email, address, city or any of your custom fields. By specifying filters, you can ensure that only when those conditions are met will the Zap will be triggered:
  • Currently, when using a VerticalResponse action like "Create a New Contact", only standard fields can be mapped to other service's fields.
  • When using VerticalResponse as a trigger like "New Contact", custom fields in VR can be mapped to other service's fields.
  • VerticalResponse checks for duplicate emails and returns an error if the zap is trying to add the same contact to VerticalResponse again.

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