How to Setup your Smartsheet to Work With Zapier

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To use Smartsheet with Zapier, we suggest setting up your spreadsheet in a very specific way. This will help better facilitate the setup of this Zap. Pay close attention.

These are the things you'll need from your Smartsheet to optimize it for use with a Zap:

  • The first row must have titles for any column headers you want to be able to see in your Zap.
  • The second row must have content for any columns you want to be able to see in your Zap.

Other Smartsheet Zap Tips

  • Zaps can add rows to ether the top or the bottom of the spreadsheet depending on your settings

  • Do not rename your Column headers. The Zap would be unable to get any data coming from that particular column after renaming.

Working With Smartsheet Fields when editing a Template

For triggers, each column should be represented by a field you can select in your Zap

Smartsheet source sheet 1

Smartsheet Trigger fields

For actions, you should have a different action field available for each column

Smartsheet source sheet

Smartsheet action template

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