How to Get Started with Surveypal on Zapier

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The first thing you'll need to do is connect your Surveypal Account to Zapier. After you sign up to Zapier start with creating the Zap you want: choose a trigger and action.

Surveypal 1

Zapier will ask you to continue the process with selecting a Surveypal account. You can give your Account a title or label, which is just for your convenience and helps you identify the appropriate Surveypal account inside of Zapier.

Then you need to fill in the API Key, which can be found in Surveypal under my profile -> my API tokens.

Surveypal 2

Depending on the action you want to create the next step can vary a bit. However, you will be asked to confirm Zapier’s access to the service (action) you are using.

Finally, you'll be redirected back to Zapier and the Accounts will have been added and tested. If everything is good to go you'll see this:

Surveypal 3

Now you can continue creating your Zap.

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