How to Get Started with PlanSo on Zapier

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In order to connect PlanSo Forms and Zapier you have to have both a WordPress installation and PlanSo Forms Pro setup and ready. Additionally you should also have created the Form that you would like to connect with using Zapier.

Once this is done you’ll be able to create your first Zap in minutes.

System Requirements

Using PlanSo Forms as a Trigger

First you need to choose PlanSo Forms for WordPress as a “Trigger” app on the left. Afterwards you choose the “Action” App of your choice on the right.

Once you have done this, on Step 2 you’ll be presented a URL like the screenshot below:
Select a PlanSo Forms for WordPress account

Please copy this URL to your clipboard and open your WordPress dashboard in a second window or tab.

Next, navigate to the form that you would like to connect to within PlanSo Forms. (You’ll find the link to PlanSo Forms in the Wordpress admin navigation on the left).

Now head to the PlanSo Forms Pro tab and paste the Zapier URL into the "Zapier Webhook Url" field on the bottom left of the tab as shown in the screenshot below:
Paste Zapier Webhook Url into the appropriate field

Once the Zapier Webhook Url is pasted, you can click on the "Synch fields with Zapier" button in order for Zapier to know which fields are present in your form. (You must repeat the synch every time you change the fields in your form).

After clicking the synch button, you should receive a notification that the test-data has been submitted like this:
Test data submited

Now, you can head back to the Zapier Tab in your browser and click on "Continue".

In some cases Zapier has not received any data yet. In this case you need to switch back to the PlanSo Forms tab and click on Synch fields with Zapier, again.

From this point all necessary prerequisites are met and you should be able to configure the action app!

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