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How To Get Started with New Relic Insights

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The first thing you'll need to do to get started connected New Relic Insights to hundreds of applications on Zapier is to add your New Relic Account to Zapier.

To get started, create a new zap, selecting New Relic Insights as the action.

NewRelic Insights

When the time comes, you'll see a dialog to connect your account.

Connect it up!

Your account Id can be found by logging into New Relic Insights and copying the numerical portion of the url

account id

To find your API keys, click on "Manage Data" on the far right toolbar, as shown below

manage it

On the Manage Data page, click the API Keys tab at the top.

GImme dem keys

You can either use your existing keys or create new keys by clicking on the + icons next to "Insert Keys" and "Query Keys". You'll need to copy both into the equivalent fields on Zapier.

Inserting Custom Events

The main attraction here is you can insert custom events into New Relic Insights to track that data. When you create a new zap with that action you'll see the following fields.


The event type is the type of event you want to track, which will be exposed as kind of a "table" in New Relic Insights. The next option, "Copy Trigger Fields" lets you determine if you want to do a straight copy of the data the trigger produces or not. This can be incredibly useful if you just care about getting ALL of the data from one service into Insights for analytic purposes.

The final field available, Event Attributes, basically allows you to dynamically add your own attributes with names and values you define. You can use the +/- at the end to add or remove attributes.

dynamic fields

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