How to Get Started with MySQL

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About the MySQL Integration

  • Admin/owner permissions: Yes, must allow Zapier to connect in multiple places (Network, Server, SQL server itself)
  • Custom field support: Yes

Setting up the MySQL Integration

The hardest part of connecting to MySQL is getting the connection settings right. When connecting a new MySQL account these are the fields you are presented with:

Connect Fields

Host The IP address or hostname (db.example.com) of where your database instance resides. Make sure it is accessible from outside your network. We send out database connections from three IP address, listed here.

Port 3306 is the default, change it if you're using a non-standard port.

Database Name of the database to read data out of.

Username Username with access to the database. We recommend creating a brand new Zapier-specific user with highly limited permission scope.

Password Similar to the username, make this a unique strong password (check out https://random.org).

SSL Client Certificate and SSL Private Key These are fields you can use if you'd like to use MySQL certificate authorization instead of username/password authorization. Notice that you still need to provide a username since the field is required.

Note: all fields are stored encrypted in our database. Of course, we have the encryption keys on hand but they are stored separately to minimize risk. Nonetheless, we recommend not hooking a production database to Zapier. Instead, set up an intermediary database to connect with Zapier then dump data back to your main production database using some out-of-band process.

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