How to Get Started with MakeMySummary on Zapier

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To get started, first add your MakeMySummary account to Zapier to be used in your zap.

Sign in to MakeMySummary Account

You'll be asked to log in to your MakeMySummary account using your username and password.

MakeMySummary login popup

Once you get logged in, you'll be brought back to your Zap where you can see that the account has successfully been connected.

Zap screen with account

If you're having trouble connecting to MakeMySummary and you signed up for MakeMySummary using Facebook/Google/Twitter Single-Sign-On, here are some tips:
1. Your username is your email ID
2. Your default password is also the email ID
3. You can change/set the password in MakeMySummary using Home > Settings > Set New Password

If you signed up using email, you should be able to use the email/password for MakeMySummary to connect your MakeMySummary account to Zapier.

In case of any issues, you can contact MakeMySummary support here:

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