How to Get Started with Google's Lead Form Extensions

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Get started with Google's lead form extensions

Get started with Google's lead form extensions


Connecting with Google Ads

Select the Google's lead form extensions app as the Trigger. It only has one event, "New Lead". This Zap will run each time a new lead is generated from the extension.

Click to connect Google Lead Form Extension

Getting the Webhook URL

When you click "Continue", we get a webhook URL. Copy this URL.

Google Lead Form Extension Webhook URL

Using the Webhook URL

In Google Ads, navigate to the Google's lead form extension you created. On the edit lead form extension section click the dropdown arrow for "Lead Delivery Option." Paste the Webhook URL for Zapier in the first field. For the key field, think of it a bit like a password. It's how you know that Google is sending the leads data. The key will show up on the leads that Google sends to Zapier.

Google Lead Form Extension

Testing the Connection

Select the "Send Test Data" button and then navigate back to your Zap and select the “Test and Continue” button. This pulls in the data that Google just sent to Zapier.

Google Lead Form Extension connection successful

Add the Action

In the next step add your Action step. This is where you’ll select what you want to do with that new lead. If you want to create a contact in a marketing automation app—like Hubspot—or a CRM like Salesforce, you will want to search for and select that app here.

Add an Action

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