How to Get Started with Checkvist on Zapier

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The first thing to do is connect your Checkvist account to Zapier. Once you start creating the first zap involving Checkvist, we'll ask to add your account:

Checkvist 1

You can set any name to this Account to easily recognize it within Zapier or distinguish between different accounts. But it's only for your convenience. You can just as well leave the default name.

The authorisation is performed by the email and API key, so those two fields are really important. Please, use the very email you've registered with in Checkvist (not Zapier).

Checkvist 3

To get your API key, click the link that leads to your Checkvist profile page. After you've pressed the 'View or update your remote OpenAPI key' button there, you'll see something like this:

Checkvist 4

Just copy this API key, paste it into the dialog box back in Zapier, and press the Continue button:

Checkvist 5

After that Zapier will automatically test whether email and API key you've entered were correct. If they are correct, you'll be able to proceed with your zap:

Checkvist 6

If there was a mistake in either email or API key, we'll show you the error, so you could correct it.

Checkvist 7

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