How to Get Started with Beeminder on Zapier

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The first thing you’ll need to get started using Beeminder on Zapier is the same as you’ll need to do when hooking up any new service to Zapier: you’ll need to add your Beeminder account to Zapier.

If you start a new Zap and select Beeminder as the action app, Zapier will prompt you to add your Beeminder account when the time is right:

Beeminder 1

First Zapier asks you to name the account. This is just for your convenience later, like if you end up connecting more than one Beeminder account to Zapier, for example, the name would help you differentiate which was which.

Beeminder 2

When you click “Continue” Zapier will send you off to Beeminder. You have to first tell Beeminder that it’s OK for us to access your account information before they’ll let us access your goals and add data. If you’re not already logged in you’ll get a chance to log in, and then Beeminder will ask you if you want to Authorize Zapier.

Beeminder 3

Make sure you click “Allow” before you click the green “Go!” button.

Beeminder 4

Now Beeminder will send you back to your Zapier account and you’ll see your account added to the page, and a green checkmark that says “Account is working.”

Beeminder 5

That’s it! You’re ready to start creating Zaps that use Beeminder.

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