Google Sheets error: “There was an error writing to your Google sheet.”

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You may see this error in your Google Sheets action, you may see an error that says “There was an error writing to your Google sheet.”


This can occur if:

  • The Sheet name or tab (worksheet) name has changed since it was initially selected in the Zap editor.
  • The Google Sheet has protected sheets or ranges.
  • The connected Google Sheet account for the app does not have proper permissions, for example, it has read only permission.

How to fix it

Remove any sheet or range protections

You must disable protected sheets and ranges in your Sheet.

Enable Editor permissions in the connected Google Sheets account.

If you're using a Sheet that was shared with you, make sure you have Editor permission.

Reselect your spreadsheet and worksheet

If the name of your spreadsheet or worksheet has changed, reselect both in the Zap editor.

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