Google Sheets error: "A Spreadsheet Row could not be found. There was an error writing to your Google sheet."

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You may see this error in your Google Sheets step: "A Spreadsheet Row could not be found. There was an error writing to your Google sheet."


  • Entering a value in the Row field that is not a row ID.
  • Deleted rows.
  • No values added to sheet.
  • No values in mapped fields.
  • Name of spreadsheet or worksheet changed.

How to fix it

Enter a row ID in the Row field

You must enter the row ID in the Row field. The row ID is a numeric value and corresponds to the row number that you see in Google Sheets.

To enter a row ID:

  • Select a row from the dropdown menu. This row will be used each time the action runs.
  • Enter a row ID as a custom value. The row ID will change each time the action runs.

You can use a Lookup Spreadsheet Row action to find a specific row in your sheet. This returns the row ID, which you can enter as a custom value.

Turn your Zap off/on

Google Sheets triggers use deduplication to prevent the Zap from re-triggering on existing data.

Deleting a row doesn't remove the row ID from the deduplication system. Your Zap won't trigger on those rows again.

Turn the Zap off/on to reset the deduplication system. The Zap will trigger on any new rows. This includes new rows added over previously deleted rows.

Add values to your sheet

Make sure there are values in your sheet. Learn how to set up your sheet action.

Check that mapped fields have data

If your mapped fields have no data, check previous steps to ensure that information is correctly sent to the Google Sheets step.


You can use Formatter by Zapier to create a default value when a previous field doesn't contain data.

Reselect your spreadsheet and worksheet

If the name of your sheet or worksheet has changed, reselect both in the Zap editor.

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