Gmail error: “To send a message, it needs at least one To, Cc or Bcc address.”

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After attempting to test Gmail’s Send Email action, you may see an error that says “To send a message, it needs to have at least one To, CC, or BCC address”.


Zapier will show this error because the Gmail action requires a valid email address to send it to. This email address can be in the To, CC, or BCC fields.


This can sometimes happen if the data you’ve inserted from a previous step is empty. If this is true, go back to your Trigger Step and use the "Get More Samples" button to try and get a sample with a valid email address.

How to fix it

  1. In your Gmail step, click Customize Email to edit the options for the step.
  2. Option A: If you want your email to go to a different email address every time based on the data from a previous step, open the dropdown and select and email field from a previous step:

    Inserting an email address from our trigger data into the To field.
  3. Option B: If you want your email to go to the same place every time, type the email address into the To, CC or BCC field.

    Typing in the value into the To field
  4. Re-test your action

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