Gmail error: “The value in the ... field is invalid”

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After attempting to test Gmail’s Send Email action, you may see an error that says The value in the "To" field is invalid. It may also say The value in the "CC" field is invalid or The value in the "BCC" field is invalid, depending on the fields you are using.


Zapier will show this error if you type or insert anything other than a valid email address in a Gmail action’s To, CC or BCC field.


Some examples of invalid email addresses include:

How to fix it

  1. In your Gmail step, click Customize Email to edit the options for the step.
  2. Ensure that you only have valid email addresses in each field. If you need to insert multiple email addresses, add them as separate items or separated by commas.
  3. Ensure you do not have any extra line breaks or trailing spaces in each field.
  4. Re-test your action.

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