Facebook Custom Audience Error: "2650" or "Failed to update the custom audience"

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When attempting to use the Add Email to Custom Audience action, it results in the follow errors:
- "Failed to update the custom audience"
- #2650 Service error
- "Failed to update the custom audience: This audience was created from data source EVENT_BASED.PLATFORM, which does not support data source FILE_IMPORTED.HASHES_OR_USER_IDS.".


Facebook Custom Audiences is particular about what audiences can be modified by which platforms. This error is telling us that the selected Custom Audience wasn't created by Zapier and was created by another platform or via manual upload. As a result, Facebook Custom Audiences won't let Zapier add emails unless the Custom Audience was created by Zapier.

How to fix it

  1. Create a custom audience via Zapier. Do this by adding a Create Custom Audience action to your Zap, set it up to create your desired custom audience, and then test it to create a custom audience via Zapier.
  2. Remove the Create Custom Audience action from your Zap.
  3. Go back to your Add Email to Custom Audience action and test adding a new email address with the new Custom Audience you've just created by Zapier.

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