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Common Problems with Vonage Voice API on Zapier

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How much does the Vonage Voice API cost when using Zapier?

You will be billed at your normal Vonage API Voice rates for the duration of each call. Prices vary by country. Please consult https://www.vonage.com/communications-apis/voice/pricing/ for full pricing details.

Why can’t I see all my numbers in the “from” list?

We will only present numbers in this list that are enabled for the Voice. Check the number’s capabilities in https://dashboard.nexmo.com.

Can I set a custom CallerID for my outbound calls?

Voice calls require the CallerID to be a valid Vonage Voice API phone number.

Why do I see references to Nexmo in emails and URLs?

Nexmo is the former name for some of the Vonage API products. The Nexmo name was retired and included in the Vonage portfolio in early 2020, but certain addresses and endpoints are still using the legacy name. Rest assured, it is all part of Vonage.

Why can I not create my own NCCO actions?

The way Zapier works means that it is not possible to specify the NCCO used in an inbound call. There are several triggers set up which contain a ‘templated’ NCCO for a common use case, and as a user, you can then specify the values for example conversation name or text-to-speech strings.

How can I adjust aspects of the Text-to-Speech message that is played ( like adding a delay when the call is answered)?

You can use SSML within the text string to add pauses or change the rate. See https://developer.nexmo.com/voice/voice-api/guides/customizing-tts for details.

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