Common Problems with PandaDoc on Zapier

Last updated:
  • If you have several workspaces in your PandaDoc account, you will see sample templates from the workspace you connected to Zapier at the 3rd step "Connect PandaDoc + Zapier"
  • If you have multiple pricing tables in a document, products from the pricing tables will show up in different arrays (like in different fields). In order to pass all products into an Action application, you need to add all product arrays in a respective field, e.g., find and add all product name (PricingTable1 Product Name, PricingTable2 Product Name fields) fields arrays in the Name field.
  • If role name in PandaDoc contains an underscore (_), errors might occur in the “Create document” action causing recipient information to map incorrectly. The Zap will fail during a test.
  • If PandaDoc serves as a “Trigger” application and you do not select a PandaDoc template, you’ll be able to use general PandaDoc document data only in an “Action” application. However, if you select a template, you will get all the data available in the template: tokens, fields, pricing tables, metadata.
  • Zap set for a template won’t work for a document duplicate created out of this template.

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