Common Problems with ManyChat on Zapier

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How do I use the "New “Trigger a Zap” Event" Trigger?

You can read how to set that up on ManyChat's help documentation (under "Triggering a Zap Event") here:

Using the "Add Tag" Bulk Option will not trigger Zaps setup with the "New Tagged User" Trigger

ManyChat's 'Add Tag' Bulk Option, which will not trigger Zaps

The above will not trigger ManyChat's "New Tagged User" Zaps. The ManyChat team has provided a workaround for applying Tags across many accounts that will still trigger these Zaps!

  1. Add a Tag to all of the users who you intend to trigger your Zap with. This won't trigger the Zap, but we're going to use the tag to send a Broadcast later.

adding a new 'zapier-preliminary' Tag to one Subscriber

  1. Create and publish a new Flow that consists of one Action Step which removes the preliminary Tag and adds the intended Tag:

creating a new Flow with an Action Step that removes the 'zapier-preliminary' Tag and adds a 'zapier' Tag

  1. In the "Broadcasting" tab, you can create a Broadcast from a Flow. Do so with our latest Flow, setting the Targeting to be based on the preliminary Tag we applied in step 1:

initial Broadcast setup page which displays the new Flow

second and final Broadcast setup page which displays the Targeting settings to only send the Broadcast out to Subscribers with the 'zapier-preliminary' Tag

After sending the Broadcast, the preliminary Tag will be removed, the new Tag will be added, and your Zap will trigger for each affected Subscriber:

Zapier Task History entry showing the example user from the previous steps

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