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Common Problems with WebMerge

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How can I change the name of the document that is being generated in WebMerge?

While the Webmerge actions themselves do not offer the option, you are able to set up custom file names inside of the WebMerge for each document type that you choose when setting up the WebMerge action, under the Settings tab for the document in WebMerge.

How to use the New Merged Document Trigger

When connecting to WebMerge to use the New Merged Document trigger, you will be given a webhook to paste into your WebMerge account like this:

webhook in Zapier

Copy this webhook then follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WebMerge account and edit the document you want to trigger your Zap on.
  2. Click on the "Deliver" tab and then click the "+ New Delivery" button.
  3. Choose webhook.
  4. Paste your webhook into the "URL" field.

paste in your webhook
5. Then click the "more options" black box.

6. Make sure "Always send this Webhook", "Send data using JSON" and "Send merge data (uses the key: "fields")" options are all checked.

options checked

7. Click "Save Delivery".

Why aren't my merged documents showing on the New Merged Document Trigger?

Make sure you have checked the three boxes ( "Always send this Webhook", "Send data using JSON" and "Send merge data (uses the key: "fields")" ) listed in step 6 above.

Can I format the text I send to Webmerge?

Yes, you can format text with HTML for your document on a Zap. For example, If I sent along "Lindsay" wrapped in bold tags like this:

The name would appear in bold on the document like this:

Tasks are getting stuck in "Pending" state

First, check to see if the document is actually getting created in Webmerge. If it is, and you have the Download File field set to yes, Zapier may be timing out when trying to download the file if it is too large. You'll need to change the Download File field to "no".

If you need to use the file in subsequent steps, you can create another zap that uses the New Merged Document trigger.

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