Common Problems with SafetyCulture on Zapier

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Certain audits are not being triggered

As you only have access to audits that you have permission to view, you must have view permissions for all audits that you intend for Zapier to trigger an alert. To automatically have audits shared to you, please consider configuring auto-sharing on each of your templates.

If you have view permissions for audits and they are still not being triggered on, ensure that users are marking the audit as complete. Audit’s will only be triggered on if they are marked as complete.

My template is not appearing in the template drop down list

Only the 20 most recently used templates will be shown. This means that you must have completed an audit for a template to be shown in the list. Once you have completed an audit for your template, refresh the page and your template should appear in the drop-down list. See the next note for how to find the Template Name ID so you can use it as a Custom Value.

How do I find the ID of my Template Name so I can use it as a Custom Value?

To find the template name ID, go to your Templates page in iAuditor:

Find the Template you want and click on the Edit button:

You'll see the ID in the URL:

My audit reports aren't being generated

You need a "Delay" step after this action to allow SafetyCulture enough time to create the report. More details on that can be found in SafetyCulture's tutorial on automatically exporting audits here

I can't access images from my audits

The current implementation of our integration with Zapier does not support retrieval of images.

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