Common Problems with Real Magnet on Zapier

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Incorrect Username and Password

When attempting to connect your Real Magnet account to Zapier, if your username and password combination is incorrect, you’ll be prompted to try again:

User Permissions in Real Magnet

User permissions enacted in Real Magnet are only enforced via the Real Magnet interface, if a user has access to Zapier, regardless of their user permissions in Real Magnet they will be able to perform a Trigger or an Action.

The Recipient Already Exists

When creating your Zaps, if the recipient in the first row already exists, upon testing, an error will display.

Select skip this step, as the add recipient method will only add new records to the account, it may be best to create a multistep Zap that adds new recipients and updates existing recipients if the file has a mixture of both new and existing recipients.

The Recipient Field is Missing Information

When adding or editing a recipient, there are character limits. Real Magnet will only add characters up to the limits listed below.

  • E-mail, Address 1, Address 2, All Custom Fields: 100 Characters
  • First name, Last Name, Phone, Fax, City, State, Zip: 50 Characters
  • Company: 200 Characters
  • Enhanced Custom Field: 250 Characters

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