Common Problems with Mixpanel on Zapier

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We hit an error adding your new account

If you are seeing this message:
Mixpanel Cannot Access Account

You have likely inserted your token incorrectly.
Double check the token value and make sure there are no extra spaces at the end:
Mixpanel API Key

Zaps are not sending events to Mixpanel

You may get errors on your Zaps to Mixpanel. Here are the first things to check:

  • Have you changed/revoked your token or Mixpanel project?
  • Are you sure you’re using a token in Zapier for the same project you’re looking at in Mixpanel? More than likely, you’ll have multiple Mixpanel projects which you belong to, and you’ll need to tell Zapier
  • Are you sending a distinct_id? This is required for an event or user to be stored in Mixpanel
  • Events in Mixpanel that are not fired after 30 days disappear in the interface. The events are not gone, but if one of your zaps hasn’t had actively in 30 days, you will likely not see those events in Mixpanel. The event will resurface once it is fired again (either manually by testing OR automatically by a Zap rule).

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