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Common Problems with Google Assistant on Zapier

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Can I connect more than one Google account to Zapier?

You can set up multiple Google Accounts in your Google Assistant. Just make sure to set up the one that is connected to your Zapier account and use that account when setting up Zapier on your Google Assistant.

My Google Assistant account doesn’t appear in ‘My Apps’?

To view your connected account to Google Assistant go to your Settings under Authorized Applications.

Google Assistant isn’t listing all of my Zaps

When asking Google Assistant to list your Zaps, it will only tell you Zaps which have Google Assistant connected in the Zap.

Error: “Sorry I’m not sure how to help with that yet.”

Sometimes Google Assistant may not correctly hear your phrase, repeat either “Hey Google, talk to Zapier” or “Hey Google, speak to Zapier” and that should do the trick. Any further problems, contact Support.

Error: “It looks like your Zapier account is not linked yet”

If you hear this message, check your mobile or tablet device as you should receive a notification to link to your Zapier account.

Google Assistant Zapier Notification

Tap on that message, and you'll be asked to sign in to your Google account.

If you don't receive a notification on your phone, go into your Google Assistant What it can do settings and reconnect your account again.

Hey Google, talk to Zapier - Connecting to Zapier (happens after you’ve connected and disconnected and wanting to reconnect to Zapier)

It looks like you’ve been logged out to Zapier. To log back in, you’ll need to ask to talk to them again.

This will then prompt you to auth via the app. Make sure that your email address is the same as your Zapier account.

How do I disconnect my Google Assistant account from Zapier?

Via Computer

To disconnect your Google Assistant account from Zapier follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Zapier account under Settings and select Authorized Applications
  2. Click ‘Remove’ next to Google Assistant.
  3. Lastly, go into your Google Assistant What it can do settings and select "unlink"

Via Google Assistant App

To disconnect your Google Assistant account from Zapier follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Assistant app
  2. Click the compass icon
  3. Search for Zapier and click on "Talk to Zapier".
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and next to Account Status click "unlink"
  5. Once this is complete, you'll see the message "Zapier is unlinked" pop up at the bottom of the screen.

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