Common Problems with Drift on Zapier

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New Conversation Trigger missing an email

This event may not always return an email field, which is often required by actions. You can get around this by following these instructions on filtering for existing/nonexisting fields.

New Lead Trigger missing a name

Similarly, this event may only return an email and creation date, and not a name. If your Actions require a name, please follow the same instructions.

User lifecycles: Visitors, Leads, and Contacts

  • When an anonymous user lands on your site, they're captured as a visitor.
  • Once that visitor initiates a conversation through Drift, their status is updated to a lead without an email.
  • They are then prompted to provide an email during the conversation, which they may or may not provide.
  • Once they provide an email address, their status is upgraded as a contact on Drift.

My Conversation Closed Trigger won't fire

Conversations do not close automatically. It's up to the agent to manually close a conversation.

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