Common Problems with DocSend on Zapier

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Why do the email, name, and company fields in my Zap come back as blank for new visits?

DocSend will send Zapier all available visitor information when you get a new visit. The information you get back depends on the kind of link tracking you use. For links with Individual or Group tracking you’ll always get the visitor’s email back. For links with custom tracking you can configure your link so that as much as name, email, and company are requested of each visitor, or no information is requested at all. The link tracking type is set in DocSend in the link creation dialog:

DocSend Link Tracking Types

How can I set up my trigger to only fire for visits where DocSend knows the visitor’s email address?

If your integration requires an email address then you can add a custom filter so that the Zap only triggers if the visitor’s email address is available. You can do this when setting up your DocSend trigger filter using the “Add a custom filter” button:

Add a Custom Filter

Then set up the filter as follows, choosing the “Visitor Email” field:

Filter Requiring Email Present

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