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Setup Instructions for the "Send SMS" Action

There are a few things to note when setting up the Clickatell SMS Action. Here are detailed explanations about what is expected for reach action field.


The number of the handset to which the message must be delivered.

If specifying the number here, please use international number format, for example "12019250000" for a US number. No ‘00’ prefix or leading "+" symbol should be used.

If using the numbers listed in another service, we will do our best to properly format for you. You will need to enter a default country code below if the numbers in the other service do not already include a country code prefix.

For example, if contacts in your CRM database are listed as (212)-887-2828 and they are in the US, you would add"1" as your Default Country Code in the field below. We will then format and insert the country code to all of the numbers being sent to.

Text Message

The text content of the message. We will send up to 5 message segments of 153 characters per segment for a total of as many as 765 characters.

Each segment of 153 characters will be debited from your Clickatell account at a rate of 1 message. For example if you send an alert to a single user and that alert is 350 characters it is debited at a rate of 3 "messages" (350/153=>2 and <3).

If this same alert was sent to two mobiles it would be billed at twice that rate.


Please enter your Clickatell issued short code or long number here. Please use the full international format for long numbers ie. 15167778888 for a US number.

Entering incorrectly formatted or invalid values will result in message failure.

Default Country Code

Add a country code here to be prepended to the "To" numbers of the mobiles receiving your message.

For example, if your “to” numbers are in the US use “1”, if the mobiles are UK mobiles use “44” do not use + the plus symbol.

If you aren’t sure of the country code for a particular country you can find it here.

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