Common Problems with Click2Mail on Zapier

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I got a timeout error, what do I do?

Every now and then you make get a “Gateway Timeout” error. This may occur when the Click2Mail API
takes longer a little longer to return a response back to Zapier. You can try to replay your task a little later if this happens.

Notice of insufficient credit balance

To automatically pay for your order, you must have enough user credit in your account to pay for
the order. If you get this error, log into your Click2Mail account and purchase more credit. Then
try again. As a note, using user credit eliminates the minimum $2 production fee.

Can I merge text into my mail piece to create personalized text?

Yes. It is best to start with a job in your Click2Mail account that is already set up as a merge
document. Then, make sure your app that is acting as the trigger has corresponding fields to
map to the appropriate fields into the Click2Mail document.
Note: You can use the same field in your document more than one time. For example, the field
FirstName would be used in the address block for mailing and could also be in the body of the
mail piece like in the greeting; Dear FirstName.

Can I test my Zap without being charged for creating?

If you would like to test your Zap in a test environment, please email to gain access to the test Zap and Click2Mail stage

Where can I get help setting up my Zap with Click2Mail?

If you need a hand getting set up please feel free to contact us or you can contact the Click2Mail team at

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